Photographer Reinfried Marass

Classy beauties and classic cars
classic car

Reinfried Marass
Reinfried Marass
Reinfried Marass
Reinfried Marass
Reinfried Marass
Reinfried Marass
vintage car and girl
classic car and girl

Author: Reinfried Marass

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5 коммент.:

Reinfried Marass said...

many thanks for the feature on your blog.
Thx for the effort to keep the 'Girls and Car theme' up.

Cheers from Austria,

Theresa Smith said...

The Classic Car is awesome and they have a great performance. But the classic cars need to have a maintenance regularly which is very important.

new york limo said...

Despite their age, there is still something about classic cars that just appeals to a car enthusiast. I do have to agree though that, like any machine, maintenance is the key to keeping these old horses in tip top shape.

professional driving school said...

I've always wanted to drive a Mustang. While the latest ones are pretty good, I don't think it quite measures up to the classic version.

no credit auto loans said...

The Mustang is and forever will be one of the greatest cars ever built. I can only wish they came packaged with a girl like that.

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